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The three days I received on anxiety management [The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP), and Integrating Meditation & Neuroplasticity into therapy] were some of the best trainings I’ve ever received in a career that spans nearly 30 years!


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Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Certification

3 Independent Days of Training!

The following three, one-day, Continuing Education Workshops include the three required segments that, upon completion, you will be awarded an Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Certification.

This certificate is a total of three days training and 19.5 hours of continuing education credits.

*Formerly call the Speciality in Anxiety Management (SAM)

ARP Part 1:

Anxiety Release Protocol Fundamentals

A Practical Method to End Panic Attacks and Manage Anxiety

This an introductory training to the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) and provides doctors, therapists, coaches and front-line access workers with a proven set of practical hands-on tools and strategies to help patients/clients end their panic attacks and self-manage their anxiety. This is day one of the ARP Certification but may be taken independently. 

A digital copy of the trainer’s book, ‘Transforming Anxiety, From Hot Mess to Superpower,’ – releasing in 2020 is included in the tuition.

This is an introductory and very interactive workshop that aims to provide front line workers such as social workers, therapists, coaches and doctors with the personal experience and practical tools to integrate meditation into their client’s/patients treatment plans. This workshop is day two of the ARP Certification, but may be taken independently.

This workshop will give you an understanding of the plastic nature of our brains, and how you, as a therapist, coach or counsellor can tap into this nature both directly and indirectly and use it to help others overcome depression, anxiety and addictions. This workshop is day 3 of the ARP Certification but may be taken idependently.

This is a downloadable video workshop that aims to provide doctors, therapists and front line access workers with a proven tool kit to help patients/clients end their panic attacks and self-manage their anxiety and stress levels.
This a jam packed,  3-day, intensive, and highly participatory workshop in which you will learn and master a proven speaking template used by the best in the business – world class public speakers, workshop leaders and teachers.

What Students Are Saying:

I’ve cared for hundreds and this workshop provided me with new and unique solutions to help my clients – particularly those with hard to manage anxiety and panic attacks.  I’m looking at how to treat in a totally new and different way. I was thoroughly engaged every minute of this workshop and honestly my take-aways were well beyond what I expected. Bravo, I will be back!”

Sandy Saczkowski, MSW

Training and Counselling Inc. Principal

These workshops gave me inspirational ideas to incorporate into my work.
I’m coming back for more!
K. Pretzer

Social Worker, Toronto

This was a fabulous learning with practical tools that can be easily applied with oneself, family, staff and clients! I absolutely plan to use meditation now with staff and clients. I feel informed, relaxed and excited about these practical tools. And Todd our presenter? Five out of five! Very engaging!

K. Tizzard

Director Youth Shelter

Practical, Hands-on skills that can help your clients make powerful changes.

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