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Mindfulness Therapy in Toronto

Mindfulness therapy can help you think better and feel better.

Do you find your mind racing or obsessing over things? Do you often wish you could stop worrying about what has happened, or what may happen Feeling stressed, depressed, or otherwise not happy?

Moving past anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression or many other challenges in your life and relationships requires that you learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings.

Quite simply, what we focus on, we experience.  

And often we find ourselves focussed on, or even obsessing, over thoughts that move us away from happiness and joy.  Perhaps you spend more time then you would like on worrying about why MAY happened, or things that HAVE happened?  These thoughts can make you unhappy, frustrated and angry.

Mindfulness Meditation is a learned skill that can teach you

Imagine finding yourself upset or worrying and being able to say to your brain, “OK, that’s enough for now, we are letting these thoughts go and we are going to choose to think thoughts that bring us happiness, joy and pleasure!” Imagine focussing on, or even obsessing on joy, happiness or pleasure?!!

In Genesissquared Counselling’s Mindfulness Toronto Therapy program you learn practical tools to help you slow down your thoughts and ultimately choose what you wish to think about, and consequently choose how you wish you feel.

Basic meditation skills are the cornerstone to Mindfulness Therapy. Although Mindfulness Therapy is based in Buddhism, we teach these skills in a non-religious way in your personal therapy/counselling/coaching session. Simple to learn, and easy to practice, mindfulness can make a profound change in your life and how you feel. We integrate mindfulness into psychotherapy and often combine it with other practical tools to help you manage or minimize symptoms that can cause you problems. You can learn more and watch a short BBC documentary if you click here.

Our very practical hands-on on approach helps relieve the symptoms so you can get on with life. Once you have learned the skills to manage symptoms we can work with you to discover the underlying causes of your symptoms and problems.

Using gentle and effective conversations you can reshape these experiences to help you permanently make the changes in your life and relationships that you most desire.

In-person 'Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman' Appointments are available in Toronto, Canada only.  This schedule can fill fast, and you may often be able to find a time slot in 'VIRTUAL Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman' when his office times are not available.  Please check 'VIRTUAL' appointments f you can not find a time slot else wise

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