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Pre-marriage Counselling

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Anxiety, Educational Articles

Communication Sessions

|Couples frequently say to me, “If we needed pre marriage counseling or communication skills training, we wouldn’t be getting married!” I certainly understand the sentiment, and indeed if your relationship was not going well and your heart full of love then you should not be getting married!

Why should we consider these sessions?

It is important to recognize that marriage, a formalized commitment, greatly in creases your responsibility to each other and family, and with increased responsibility may come new and greater challenges.  The cost to not being able to solve challenges can be heartbreaking and expensive, impacting not just the couple but family and children. These sessions give you practical ‘tools’ now, to help you handle the ‘tough stuff’ as it may arise in various cycle and periods in your shared life journey as a married couple.  The time to learn and practice these skills is now, while your relationship is strong and flourishing.

“Todd both provided us with a safe, comforting and professional environment to explore our personalities and develop effective strategies to communicate with each other through good times and bad.  Thanks to Todd’s advice and guidance, we couldn’t have been happier with the result. We strongly recommend Todd’s services as a counsellor and officiant!” D&A

Is this traditional “Premarital counseling?”

Many couples choose to avail themselves to these sessions as a practical option to traditional pre-marital counseling.   Unlike counselling which may be offered through your pastor or church, the goal of these sessions is not to teach you about any church or religious belief.

The primary focus of these sessions is to support you as a couple in understanding your individual and couple communication practices.  My work is based in part, in Jungian theory.  A clear and in-depth understanding of intuitive communication styles and needs can take a great deal of stress out of your every day lives as a couple, and remove many of the road-blocks that arise when you must face those ‘difficult’ conversations.

What should we expect in these sessions?

Through a simple assessment and in-depth conversation I will guide you to understand the values and positive and negative triggers, patterns and modalities that each partner inherently relies on to communicate.  Empowered with this understanding individuals learn how to embrace change and challenge in their relationship.  There is a small bit of pre-work to do in the form of a questionnaire to answer and compare as a couple.  This questionnaire is designed to open up some discussion on issues that impact you as a married couple.  The process is fun, informative and revealing!

“Attending Todd’s ‘Coupling and Communication Sessions’ was probably the best decision we’ve made in preparation for our marriage and we highly recommend them to all engaged couples. Because of the tools we were given my fiance and I now understand each other on a different level and communicate with much more openness and effectiveness.” M&D

How much do these sessions cost?

I offer an affordable fixed rate three-session package for the couples whose marriage I am officiating.  These are unique and powerful opportunities to improve and perfect communications strategies in your relationships.  Check out the references and experiences of some of those couples I have met with who have commented here.

Gift certificates are available as some clients look towards these session being covered as a gift from family or close friends.


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