Workshops for: Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches

Emotional Intelligence as a Therapeutic Tool

(Certifying Course, Level One for PRI Trainer Certification)

Course Code: EI-1/2

This two-day program does double duty for therapists, counsellors and coaches!

This engaging program utilizes the patented process of ‘Identity Mapping’ founded by Dr. Fred Leafgren Personality Resources International (PRI) and based in the work of Carl Jung. (Day One of this workshop is a pre-requisite for becoming a facilitator for the PRI programs.) Day Two engages your discoveries from day one, to understand how to powerfully integrate your understanding of Emotional Intelligence (EI) into your work as a therapist, counsellor, coach and communication/relationship expert.

Through a combination of engaging presentations, videos, group work and self-exploration you will learn to understand intuitive patterns of behaviour and communication styles as expressed by yourself and others. Day one takes you through the fun, insightful and informative process of ‘Identity Mapping. TM’ Day Two is presents learnings and discusses of some of the more effective approaches of using your new knowledge to lead and support others through transformation change in their relationships.

This course is ideal for those who provide relationship therapy, personal or corporate coaching, and for those who seek to improve there leadership, management and communication skills.

No prior knowledge of EI or Jungian work is presumed.

Managing Anxiety & Ending Panic Attacks Workshop/Seminar Series

Course Code: API-1/1

  • Learn to help your clients past anxiety and panic in just 6 sessions.
  • Master 6 Clinically Proven Anxiety reducing Techniques
  • Stop Panic Attacks BEFORE they Escalate
  • Minimize Chronic Anxiety & GAD
  • Practice with real clients

TheAnxiety.Clinic’s Anxiety Management Workshop is for individuals and professionals who wish to learn how to eliminate panic attacks, manage anxiety and minimize stress for both themselves and clients/patients.


Participants will be provided with information, resources techniques and that are helpful to end panic attacks and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Although led by a Registered Psychotherapist, this is not a group therapy program. Throughout this interactive program, participants both learn and practice clinically proven skills in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

The program is based on a holistic approach, and includes complementary theories and strategies from a broad range of therapeutic tools, and wisdom traditions. We also include hands-on instruction in evidence-based methods of anxiety and stress management. Graduating participants leave with a practical toolkit of resources to help themselves and others.
Upon the completion of this unique program you will have a solid tool kit of practical skills to help others manage anxiety, end panic attacks and teach patients or friends how to do the same.

Gratitude Therapy and Neuroplasticity

Course Code: GTN-1/1

This one-day course introduces basic concepts in neuroplasticity – the ability of the mind to ‘re-wire’ itself. Armed with an understanding of the powerful implications of neuroplasticity, this workshop will provide you with the powerful techniques of Gratitude Therapy to help your clients effect positive, fast, and permanent changes in their behaviour, life choices and relationships. This workshop is presented in an engaging lecture and group work format that will include videos and group work.

This course is ideal for therapists, counsellors and coaches who are looking for new tools to help support clients as they seek to transform lives. No prior knowledge of neuroplasticity or Gratitude Therapy is presumed.

Integrating Client-centered Spirituality into Therapy Approaches

Course Code: ST-1/1

Regardless of the therapeutic modality, traditional Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, …, we are called to engage the client as a whole being – and the client’s spiritual beliefs, or lack of, are most often a cornerstone of their formative construct of their world. “I’m not religious – I’m spiritual,” Training for Therapistsis a disclaimer so often heard from clients. Despite any separation of church and state, religion and spirituality has deeply impacted our culture, lives and ways of being.

This daylong workshop helps the care provider to provide language, opportunity and ‘space’ in session for the impact and exploration of their client’s spiritual understandings.

This workshop is a combination of engaging presentation and group work. The workshop is NOT based in any one spiritual or religious dogma. No previous work in Spiritual/Pastoral Care is presumed.

Being a High Impact Presenter and Trainer Level One

Course Code: TTT- 1/.5

At some point most of us are called to share our experience and gifts with a small or group – perhaps of co-workers, management, outside interest groups or more formally as an educator. As therapists we have a plethora of skills – often heavily weighted in the art and science of listening. This half-day course provides you with powerful concrete communication skills to allow you to not only present to others in an engaging manner, but to create a presentation from which people glean deep learnings. You will learn how to present to a group utilizing skills that engage and enroll your audience, and result in your listeners being able to hear and embrace the gifts you offer. No more fear of public speaking, boring presentations or ‘death by power-point!’ These concrete skills will help position you as an expert in your area, and teach you how to be a powerful presenter to help others.

Being a High Impact Presenter and Trainer – Mastery Weekend

Course Code: TTT-1/3

This comprehensive hands-on weekend is carefully designed to take even the most nervous of speakers from zero to pro! If your work as a therapist includes a role as a speaker, presenter or educator this course is for you. Throughout this weekend you will be taught, and practice the very specific skills that some of the world’s most successful professional speakers use to enrol audiences from 5 to 5000. By workshop end you will know how to immediately enrol and engage and audience, gain the audience respect, drive their focus towards learning, and be an impactful force in their lives. Ever wonder what makes Anthony Robbins or Wayne Dwyer so engaging? This program will take you step-by-step though the very techniques that make the world’s best – the world’s best! Incorporating an understanding of pedagogical techniques, neuro-linguistic programming, and stage skills, you will leave the weekend armed with the skills to be the most sought after speaker and educator in your field!

Healthy Sexuality in the Therapeutic Relationship

Beginning with Self – Understanding Your Relationship between Spirituality and Sexuality

Course Code SST-1/3

The topic of sex and sexual expression can be challenging, if not uncomfortable for many in the mental health field. This deeply intensive weekend guides you through a personal journey of exploration to help you unpack your understanding, beliefs and your relationship to your body, sex and sexuality. This weekend begins with our selves – and our own connection and beliefs around these topics and issues in a spiritual context. The lens through which we view these issues is often so deeply imbedded that we are challenged to be in an objective therapeutic relationship with our clients around this often complicated relationship between sex and spirituality.

This workshop is religion/faith neutral and will respect your personal boundaries in respect to any interpersonal physical expressions. Elements of the workshop will draw upon common understandings from various spiritual beliefs as ways to understand your personal, and your clients’ base worldviews.

Interactive lectures, group work, guided meditations, and other processes are integrated into this fun, insightful and powerfully moving workshop. Woven through the weekend will be the conversation of how your beliefs may or may not impact the therapeutic relationship.

As this weekend can be therapeutic in nature – it is a personal exploration in order to grow into a place from which you can help others – you are required to sign a confidential release with respect to your psychological health.

Please CONTACT US for schedules and locations.

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