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Video Counselling

Video counselling allows you to have your customized approach to feeling better

Right from your home or office!

Video Counselling can provide you support and guidance through those challenging times and situations in life.

Video Counselling is done via video conferencing telemedicine via a secure private online service call Doxy.

You have confidential, direct face-to-face communication with a certified therapist who will provide you with a customized and holistic approach to help you find solutions to your issues of concern. There is no need to leave your home or office!

Online Therapy is NOT suitable for mental health emergencies or crisis intervention, please dial 911 or go to your local hospital or healthcare facility!

Who chooses Video therapy?

  • Shut-ins and those living in assisted care
  • Seniors
  • Those with mobility Issues
  • Busy executives
  • Non-local clients
  • Existing in-person clients who are travelling 

Virtual Therapy from your own home or office provides:

  • Convenience
  • No travel time
  • Ability to work with a non-local therapist
  • Privacy

In today’s world of advancing technology, some people find it a bit easier to discuss their lives through technology. Virtual therapy can be a more comfortable fit for some people.

What is Video Counselling?

Video Counselling provides virtual face-to-face therapeutic online sessions for personal and social issues via the web. Also called “Internet therapy”, “e-therapy”, and “cyber-counselling. ” Please note that online consultations are generally not considered a complete substitute for face-to-face sessions; however, it provides immediate assistance where help is not close by or when in-person visits are not possible. When video conferencing with a high-quality connection is used at both ends, online sessions with a qualified professional can be very effective.

Video consultations may not meet everyone’s needs. Because of the medium, online sessions may not be an effective means of responding to those who feel: suicidal, homicidal or have other psychiatric symptoms where physical human contact may be needed to intervene

How do I make an appointment?

Using video conferencing services we are able to talk ‘face-to-face.’ Ten minutes prior to your appointment go to and the therapist will be notified you are in the virtual waiting room and will connect with you at your appointment time.

Appointments can be booked here or with the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button which goes to our our booking page.  Once you have you will receive a receipt and confirmation email by email.

There is an ‘Intake Form’ that must be completed and returned by your second session.

We meet online at the agreed-upon time. Just like in-person appointments, 24 hours notice is required to cancel or re-schedule.

How effective is Video Counselling verses in-person therapy?
video counselling

Online video counselling has been proven to be effective in many cases. Many issues can be discussed and worked on in this format in the same manner as we would in-person.

There are certain conditions and issues that are not suitable for online therapy such as mental health emergencies and matters of crisis. Certain other conditions and challenges are best dealt with in-person and your therapist will address this possibility in your introductory session if necessary.

In-person 'Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman' Appointments are available in Toronto, Canada only.  This schedule can fill fast, and you may often be able to find a time slot in 'VIRTUAL Psychotherapy w Todd Kaufman' when his office times are not available.  Please check 'VIRTUAL' appointments f you can not find a time slot else wise

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