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“We Come To You” – HouseCalls ™

by | Dec 1, 2013 | Educational Articles

My name is Todd Kaufman and I am the principal and founder of TheAnxiety.Clinic. I’m writing to you on a cold November day, and as I look out the window of my office I can see that the snow has finally returned to blanket our wonderful city in slippery streets, and hills now made for tobogganing.

Given this onset of a Canadian winter [and I’m seriously jealous of our friends in the warm southern US!] this is an ideal time to announce a new service being provided by TheAnxiety.Clinic. “We Come To You- Housecalls TM.”

For some time we have received requests from people who would like to access our services be it psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching or executive coaching, yet due to mobility or time restrictions, are unwilling or unable to make it to one of our therapist’s offices.

I was particularly touched a few weeks back when I spoke with a friend of mine Gladys who lives in a retirement/nursing home facility. Gladys is one of those wonderful bright and chatty octogenarians. Perhaps one of the qualities I love most about Gladys is her unwavering commitment to calling things just as she sees them! It was Gladys who made it poignantly clear that she would love to access our services but had absolutely no intent whatsoever of navigating Toronto’s slippery roads and streets during a Canadian winter. “You should come to me,” she said. Coming from Gladys that was much more of a decree that it was a request!  It was not the first time we have received requests to work outside of the office, so Gladys was the final push for us to launch Housecalls TM.  Thank you Gladys!

Toronto is a progressive city and we are very blessed to have a wheel trans, yet it runs at capacity and like many government services it can be a bit of a challenge. For many of our friends and clients the challenge of having to navigate across the city with mobility challenges, or long waits for wheel trans are not viable options. It was not just Gladys in her retirement home that we wanted to care for. We have also had experience with people who are convalescing or otherwise unable to leave their residences. Some of our clients are institutionalized. We wanted these folks to have access to our services too.

For clients accessing our corporate and executive services, it was not unusual to be facing the time crunch of an executive’s busy schedule. More commonly we would provide management and executive coaching in our clients places of business. Housecalls TM allows us to extend our services to include on-site psychotherapy and counselling.

Are you a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist who would be willing to help clients through Housecalls TM?  Join our network of prescreened and experienced therapists. Click the green tab “Therapist” on our websites main menu bar to learn more and sign up.

If you or family member would like to access our Housecalls TM service, learn more on our website, and you can book an appointment right online.


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