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In the early 2020’s Change Management was a luxury. Wisdom coupled with a fearless adaptive muscle creates the mindset that provides tangible success. Based on neuroscience and psychology EPC yields positive outcomes by coaching you into the change you want to deliver to your teams.

EPC is a unique and powerful form of Executive Coaching (EC) that extends the coaching relationship into therapeutic solutions. EPC carefully crafts strategies and invites you to examine, assess, challenge and change core psychological beliefs and patterns to create the dynamic leadership required in a world that stopped waiting for us to manage change.

Only an EPC can provide integrative psychological strategies, more specifically psychotherapy, to coach you in formulating a new framework from which you can shape the needs of your teams to meet the transformation that is not impending, but is here. Welcome to 2021.

What Clients & Participants Are Saying:

Joel Allen, Senior Manager, Strategy
& Operations, DELOITTE
    • Todd has been instrumental in helping me navigate through major milestones, life changes and career challenges that many of us experience in our late 30s/40s. It’s hard to put into words how meaningful this has been for me, and how skilled Todd is in navigating these conversations flexibly and with great empathy. I will always be grateful for this relationship and coaching as it has supported both my career and personal development.

I’ve cared for hundreds and this workshop provided me with new and unique solutions to help my clients – particularly those with hard to manage anxiety and panic attacks.  I’m looking at how to treat in a totally new and different way. I was thoroughly engaged every minute of this workshop and honestly my take-aways were well beyond what I expected. Bravo, I will be back!”

Sandy Saczkowski, MSW

Training and Counselling Inc. Principal

This was a fabulous learning with practical tools that can be easily applied with oneself, family, staff and clients! I absolutely plan to use meditation now with staff and clients. I feel informed, relaxed and excited about these practical tools. And Todd our presenter? Five out of five! Very engaging!

K. Tizzard

Director Youth Shelter

These workshops gave me inspirational ideas to incorporate into my work.
I’m coming back for more!
K. Pretzer

Social Worker, Toronto

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