Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Certificate

Todd Kaufman, Lead Instructor

Learn more about these 19.5 hours of Continuing Education Credits and how it might be the most practical training you ever receive!

3 Full Days of Training including:

  • The Anxiety Management Protocol Fundamentals (ARP)
  • Meditation as Treatment
  • The Science of Neuroplasticity

Be THE Specialist in Anxiety Management

3 Full Days of Training including:

  • The Anxiety Management Protocol Fundamentals (ARP)
  • Meditation as Treatment and
  • The Science of Neuroplasticity



This Specialty Certificate is comprised of three continuing education workshops.

Each workshop is one day (6.5 hours).

Upon completion of all 3 workshops, you will be certified in the Anxiety Release Protocol Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP). (Formerly the SAM Certificate) This certification is a total of three days training (19.5 hours of continuing education credits) to be completed over a 1.5 years (3 Semesters) period.

“This course gives a framework, tools, and skills in an encouraging, positive, fun atmosphere with a GREAT facilitator! I was not sure what to expect and I gained more than I thought I would! And engaging and inspiring day!”
Dr. Millson, MD, FRCPC

Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

The Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Certificate Includes:

Although recommended you complete these course in the order listed (AWP, MMW, and NPW) this order is not mandatory.  You have a full year (2 semesters) to complete all three days of training.  Upon completion of each segment, you will be awarded a certificate of completion as a record of your 6.5 hours of continuing education.  

There is a substantial discount to apply for this certification by registering for all three one-day segments at the same time. It is expected the three courses will be completed over two consecutive semesters.

Your SAM certificate will be awarded separately from your three one-day Certificates of Attendance, and upon completion of all three segments.


Does This Certificate Really Improve My Skills?

“I’ve been helping individuals with mental health for over 10 years and even after caring for hundreds of clients this workshop provided me with new and unique solutions to help my clients – particularly those with hard to manage anxiety and panic attacks.” “I’m looking at how to treat in a totally new and different way!”

“I was thoroughly engaged every minute of this workshop and honestly, my takeaways were well beyond what I expected. Bravo, I will be back!”

S. Saczkowski, MSW

Training and Counselling Inc. Principal

A Special note to Social Workers and Social Service Workers

If you are seeking reimbursement from the Social Workers and Social Service Workers Professional Development Fund (SWSSWPDF):

The fund allocates up to $500.00 per year for training (this training is approved) BUT your submission must be made in a single application. ie if you register, pay and submit courses separately, you will ONLY be reimbursed for the total amount for your first submission, losing the remainder of your $500.00 allocation, Registering for the SAM certificate at the discount enables you to access your full available reimbursement with a single submission. For more information check out:


Workshops May Be Presented at:

TheAnxiety.Clinic | The Workshop Clinic

On the campus of The University of Toronto,
a half block SE of the Museum Subway Station

47 Queens Park Cres.
Toronto, ON M5S 2C3



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On the Campus of
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47 Queens Park East, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3

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