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PERSONALITY RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL (PRI) is an international team of organizational performance specialists focusing on optimizing individual and organizational performance through effective communications, relationships and interactions.

TheAnxiety.Clinic is a licensed facilitator for:

PRI has conducted successful training sessions all over the world for organizations in difficult times or in transitional situations, as well as for organizations that are looking to increase their success, clients and or membership. PRI has worked with people who have gone through traumatic events such as 9/11, helping to rebuild teams and confidence while maintaining high levels of service and commitment to those they serve.

What We Do

We create positive and productive group dynamics using an innovative and patented tool – ‘Identity MappingTM’. We enhance communication and relationships through non-intrusive self-discovery and an increased understanding of the gifts and talents of others. The result is increased effectiveness and productivity in individuals and the increased achievement of both personal and team/corporate goals.

Every workshop is customized to
achieve your specific objectives.

What’s in it for you, your company, church or non-profit?

Your most important asset is your people. PRI provides training designed to increase your competitive edge and profile by teaching and coaching your people to manifest individual and collective values in their lives and work.

The End Result

Commitment. We create teams of committed people. Less attrition, greater profitability and productivity, and a greater sense of satisfaction in your organization and among your clients/customers or congregants – All a result of ‘Identity Mapping’ and ‘ The Four Way System.’

Personality Resources International

Skills Sets Acquired : Managing change, creating compatible and productive team, enhancing leadership, coping with strees, maximizing diversity, increased workplaces wellness and other customized outcomes as identified by our clients.

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The Program:

Cost Effective Implementation

PPC is best delivered in diverse settings – encouraging your staff, from specialists to receptionists to work and learn together as a team. TheAnxiety.Clinic expertise in diversity training teaches people of differing backgrounds and education to engage in meaningful relationships though empowered communication.

Small Scale Implementation (Under 250 Participants):

Highly trained facilitators will deliver workshops onsite that are customized to integrate with your current training programs.

Mid Scale Implementation (250 – 650 Participants):

Highly trained facilitators will deliver initial onsite concurrent workshops that are customized to integrate with your current training programs. TheAnxiety.Clinic provides a ‘Train The Trainer (T3)’ program to cost-effectively enable you to provide advanced and continued training through your in-house training staff.

Large Scale Implementation (650+ Participants):

Highly skilled instructors who are also licensed to teach our ‘Train The Trainer (T3)’ program facilitate the initial onsite concurrent workshops that are customized to integrate with your current training programs. Your prospective trainers receive additional onsite support to fast-track the ‘T3 Program,’ enabling you to efficiently roll out a highly effective and hospital (company) wide program within a short period of time.

Corporate Mapping

A product of Personality Resources Intl, Genesis Squared provides a powerful executive tool for the strategic management of personnel and teams. This unique product provides a valuable insight into the specific performance, communication and leadership modalities of managers, executives and team leaders. The Corporate Map is a cornerstone resource for personnel planning, corporate growth and restructuring.

Pricing You Will Appreciate

TheAnxiety.Clinic provides a level of training that surpasses the effectiveness of most other educational providers. Based in 12 years of research and global experience, we provide our programs at a fraction of the cost of most high-end corporate trainers. We consider a generous portion of our compensation to be: “The privilege of making the world a better place, one conversation at a time.”

*A portion of our net sales is contributed to global peacekeeping efforts.

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