Mindful Meditation as Treatment for Anxiety/Depression & Addictions

I would definitely recommend this workshop! Todd was incredible, very engaging and knowledgable. I left with a ton of ideas and a better understanding of mindfulness and how to use it. The workshop experience left me feeling fully equipped to implement Mindfulness into my practice. Fascinating, engaging and Useful!

M. Henderson, MDiv Clinical Counselling

Youth and Family Counsellor

Get the practical tools to integrate mindful meditation into your therapy and coaching plans

This is a very interactive workshop that aims to provide front line workers such as therapists, coaches, social workers, and doctors with the personal experience and practical tools to integrate mindful meditation into their client’s/patients treatment plans.  Participants will be taught basic meditation techniques, and in the teaching experience we will illustrate how to deliver Mindful Meditation as a critical component of a wellness plan – particularly in the context of anxiety, depression and addiction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the therapeutic implication of Mindful Meditation through personal experience
  • Knowledge of how to integrate Mindful Meditation into a therapeutic treatment
  • Develop a conversational framework to teach patients/clients how to value and integrate
  • Mindful Meditation as valuable tool in their recovery plan
  • Access shared resources for the development of a personal practice of Mindful Meditation and utilize these resources for patient/client care
  • Feel competent in teaching basic meditation skills to clients/patients


You do not need to have a background in meditation to attend this workshop. A fundamental understanding of counselling skills is presumed. Attendees are welcome from various disciplines and we only ask you come with a curious mind and open heart.


One day – a minimum of 6 hours instruction/participation hours.

Suitable for:

  • Coaches and Therapists
  • Social Workers & Social Service Workers
  • GP’s in Family Practice
  • Counselling Psychiatrists, Psychologists &Psychotherapists
  • Front Line and Direct Access workers
  • First Responders and Trauma Personne

Meet Your Instructor

The workshop is lead by Todd Kaufman, a Registered Psychotherapist (RP) and the Clinical Director at TheAnxiety.Clinic.

Todd specializes in the treatment of anxiety and trauma and is certified in a broad range of related treatment modalities. He has an intensive meditation practice that is integrated into his professional practice.

Todd has lead workshops internationally and is an accomplished speaker and instructor.

Workshops may be Presented at:

TheAnxiety.Clinic | The Workshop Clinic

On the campus of The University of Toronto,
a half block SE of the Museum Subway Station

47 Queens Park Cres.
Toronto, ON M5S 2C3


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Meditation as Treatment for Anxiety/Depression & Addictions

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On the Campus of
The University of Toronto
47 Queens Park East, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3

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