Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Fundamentals

Practical Treatments to End Panic Attacks and Manage Anxiety

Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) Fundamentals

A proven protocol of practical hands-on tools and techniques in a strategic framework.

This is a an interactive workshop that teaches the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) fundamentals to professional mental health care workers and coaches.  ARP is an integrated modality based on a unique framework that provides a profound shift in efficacy.   ARP is not a modality.  It will introduce you to unique ways to deliver clinically proven modalities  (Narrative, Exposure, CBT, Gratitude…, therapies, and theories and approaches (Psychoeducational, Polyvagal…). Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) alleviates anxiety attacks quickly and makes room for the client to do the deeper work of fundamental framework shifts to prevent relapse.  

ARP provides therapists, coaches, doctors and front-line access workers with a proven toolkit to help patients/clients end their panic attacks and self-manage their anxiety and stress levels. This program does not aim to examine diagnostic criteria or pharmacological treatment, (although resource material will be provided) but rather provides basic training in ARP giving you a proven set of practical hands-on tools and strategies by using interactive lectures, dyads, group work and case studies.

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These workshops will update your knowledge and teach you new tools to use right away.

The facilitator’s teaching techniques and the rich and enjoyable learning environment encouraged the involvement of all participants, with respect, and a lot of fun.  A lot new information yet not overwhelming due to the facilitation. I came up with almost 80 % of what was presented.

This was a very rich environment due to professional diversity including professors, doctors, social workers, and others.

Dr. Jeannette Muzing

Health Promotion Coordinator at Amethyst Women Addiction Center

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to implement the Anxiety Release Protocol (ARP) in varied populations
  • Achieve a baseline or above competency in five primary maintenance techniques
  • Enhancement of the efficacy of provider/patient communication with Client-centric communication
  • Develop a conversational framework to teach patients how to separate, contextualize, and befriend their anxiety
  • Techniques include Reframing, Meditation, EFT, Somatic Techniques, Emotional Regulation Training
  • Patient Communication Strategies including the use of metaphor and reframing, and delivering psychoeducation.

*Some of these modalities are suitable in the treatment of depression – concurrent or otherwise


Morning Topics:  The Foundation of the ARP Protocol

  1. Introduction to Neuroplasticity: Understanding the key components of neuroplastic change
  2. Symptomology and Physiology of Anxiety including the Impact of systemic poverty, trauma and nutrition
  3. Diagnosis and impact: The power of de-pathologizing
  4. The Negative Evolutionary Bias
  5. Constructing Worldviews & The Thinking Process
  6. Client-Centric Delivery and Care
  7. Mind the Gap: Unpacking the primary cause for all anxiety
  8. The Power of Anthropomorphizing

    Afternoon Topics: Skills and Technique Training 

    1. Thought Management 101
    2. An Introduction to Mindfulness Skills (FPM) & Parts Therapy
    3. Narrative Reframing Skills
    4. Emotional Regulation Skills (3)
    5. Gratitude Therapy and the Keys to Happiness
    6. Somatic Skill Practices for Emotional Regulation
    7. Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique as integrated Exposure Therapy
    8. Filling the Gap – Intentional Living

    Suitable for:

    • Therapists and Coaches
    • GP’s in Family Practice
    • Counselling Psychiatrists, Psychologists &Psychotherapists
    • Social Workers & Social Service Workers
    • Front Line and Direct Access workers
    • First Responders and Trauma Personnel


    One day – a minimum of 6 hours instruction/participation hours

    All workshops are 9 am – 4:30 pm (one hour lunch) There are limited eating options nearby. We have a fridge and microwave in the dining room -please bring a lunch.

    What Others Are Saying:

    I’ve cared for hundreds and this workshop provided me with new and unique solutions to help my clients – particularly those with hard to manage anxiety and panic attacks.  I’m looking at how to treat in a totally new and different way. I was thoroughly engaged every minute of this workshop and honestly my take-aways were well beyond what I expected. Bravo, I will be back!”

    Sandy Saczkowski, MSW

    Training and Counselling Inc. Principal

    94% of all participants rate all aspects of this program as above average or excellent.

    Continuing Education Hours:

    A certificate of completion will be provided for attendees completing the full-day. (6.5 hours instruction/participation). This workshop is approved by the Ontario Psychological Association for continuing education credit.

    Social Workers and Social Service Workers:

    Your Professional Development Fund reimburses eligible costs for professional development activities that advance the skills, knowledge, practice and service delivery of social workers and social service workers in Ontario. For more information, visit

    Group Rates or We Come To You:

    For groups over 5 registrations from your organization, please call us for corporate rates. We do provide these trainings on site – and for more information contact Todd Kaufman, Clinical Director at 1-800-699-3396.

    Payment Policies

    Workshops May be Presented at:

    TheAnxiety.Clinic | The Workshop Clinic

    On the campus of The University of Toronto,
    a half block SE of the Museum Subway Station

    47 Queens Park Cres.
    Toronto, ON M5S 2C3


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